Whats the big deal about the bmw clutch fork pivot – 21511223328?

Dont let this little part fool you! These Clutch Fork Pivot Pin – 21511223328 bushings should be changed anytime the clutch fork or release bearing is removed. These units have improved durability and with ensure smooth, squeak-free shifts. Having this part in hand when your doing any job that requires the dropping of the transmission will save you time and hassle later on.

BMW Clutch Fork Pivot Pin - 21511223328
BMW Clutch Fork Pivot Pin – 21511223328

Symptoms can include “clutch doesn’t quite feel like it should” or maybe the the “release point is a little bit off”. The reason for that, in some of the cases, is the clutch pivot pin inside the bell housing in the transmission is worn out.
A stock clutch pivot pin with a high performance clutch can show seroius wear in as little as 7,000 miles. There can be significant wear on the tip of this pivot pin making it quite a bit shorter than this brand new factory pivot pin that we sell here.
The price of this pin is very small , but can become expensive because there’s a lot of time involved in pulling the transmission all the way out of the car.
A great upgrade can be a silicon bronze replica of the part. A clutch pivot pin made out of silicon bronze, is far superior material compared to the plastic that the original one is made out of.
The clutch fork can also wear, at the location that the pivot pin rubs. So its always a good idea to replace the fork as well.
Replacement couldn’t be any easier once everything is taken out of the car (which includes the transmission). The factory pivot pin is just simply pushed in to the bell housing and held on with a spring.

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