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BMW e30 strut bars – m42, m20, m50, and s14 compatiable

BMW e30 strut bars – m42, m20, m50, m60

Introducting the garagistic e30 strut bars (also called a strut brace)! These are the only e30 strut bars on the market able to have clearance over the m42 intake manifold. Not even the sparco bar does that! E30 strut bars can be bought here: This e30 strut bar will fit:

  • BMW m42 318 cars
  • BMW m20 325 cars
  • BMW s14 e30 m3 cars

Sorry does not fit e30 IX.

We have also confirmed fitment with e30 motor swaps such as the m60, m30, and ls1! Strut bars are made of steel. Finish is available in bare steel, black powder coat, or red powder coat. Custom colors are available on request at additional cost. E30 strut bars can be bought here:

bmw E30 strut bar
BMW m42 e30 strut bar

ach one is individually handcrafted here in the US. Designed to fit on E30 body style with no prior collision damage with m42 motors (318, 318is). We do not accept returns on installed parts. Please note, every car has had a diffrent life and the strut tower distance is never the same on two cars. Installing the bar may be easier when its safely lifted. We are not liable to damages. Does not fit IX models. E30 strut bars can be bought here:

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E30 m30 mounts

We currently got a group buy going for e30 m30 mounts. These mounts are to be used with the m30 b35 (late model). This is the only mount on the market to allow you to run the IE long tube headers! There is no longer a compromise between doing the e30 m30 swap with the stock manifold or with headers!

There current link to the group buy can be found here:

Only a couple spots left so be sure to get in on this before the prices go up!


E30 m30 mounts
Garagistic M30 e30 conversion mounts

e30 rear sway reinforcement tabs

Want to run  bigger sway bars on your e30?

Thats great! But theres alot more involved then slapping these massive sway bars on the car. Weld-on reinforcements are mandatory!

Here is a great example and what will happen if you run bigger sway bars without reinforcing the sway bar tabs. There is also no excuse not to now because we are running a special this month on rear sway bar reinforcements too:


Rear e30 sway bar reinforcment
What a broken e30 rear sway bar mount looks like.

E30 sway bar spacer

Its officially in the works! The garagistic e30 sway bar spacer. Now you may be asking yourself, “why do I want to space the sway bar?” (or you might not). But there a couple of reasons you actually might want to do this.

Helps with clearance with M20 long tube headers, 24v swap (especially long tube headers), euro SS, etc etc.

Installation is easy. Uses factory parts like  your stock bushing and clamp.

NOTE: These will change sway bar geometry so it is best to also get adjustable endlinks for the swaybar to adjust preload (these are available on our store!)


e30 swaybar spacer
e30 sway bar spacer will soon be available