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The road to SEMA

Garagistic is proud to announce we are entering the arena of brilliant minds and innovators all around the globe. We’re beginning our journey to the largest auto trade event in the world: SEMA.

Egge Speed Shop - originally posted to Flickr as IMG_9796
SEMA 2008

You read correctly. We will be joining industry leaders from around the world this coming November 2016. But we are not about to go empty handed. We have a treat for you guys; a project car that will be singularly the most ambitious stunt Garagistic has ever tackled. We have named it, Ares.

Violence and control. The fury of war merged with military strategy. This is the embodiment of the offspring of Zeus and Hera. The power of American muscle and the poise of German engineering. This is the son of Olympus, Ares.

Ares, Greek god of war, classically depicted.

We’ve been dancing with V8s long enough now, and damn it we have it down to science. Besides that we have our high caliber specialty suspension we forge here in the shop. Combine these ingredients with a 1989 325i and it all comes together as a street legal, track ready, easy to build, easy to modify, weapon of a car.

ls1 e30 garagistic
Corvette power in a lightweight BMW 3 series.

These are our products. Everything you will see on Ares is either items we make that are currently in production or a custom piece built directly from am existing Garagistic piece. But don’t worry, there is nothing on Ares that would be unavailable to you. One of the objectives when we were conceiving the plans for Ares is to produce new performance parts that can be used in any application.

Vehicle: 1989 BMW 325i
Power train: Supercharged Chevy LS1 5.7
Horsepower: 550*
Torque: 575*
Transmission: T-56 Getrag 6-Speed Manual
Curb weight: 2800 lbs
Wheel width: 17’x11′
Exterior Body Kit: Rocketbunny / Pandem imported from Japan

Certainly we have a massive amount of work before us, however we’ve begun working on this already. Click here for a link to the completion map to see how far we’ve progressed, and keep following us for the next post where I will explain in detail how much we’ve already done to Ares and everything yet to complete. We have a long way to get to SEMA but as they, you never really finish you just run out of time.

stop shameful shifting – e36 and e46 rear carrier bushing

So the rear carrier piece is a mod that we’ve seen become more popular in the e36 and e 46, and here’s why we think that makes sense.  (This part is available at the garagistic online store here.)

e46 Rear Poly Carrier Shifter Bushing e36 Rear Poly Carrier Shifter Bushing e31 Rear Poly Carrier Shifter Bushing e90 Rear Poly Carrier Shifter Bushing e92 Rear Poly Carrier Shifter Bushing
e36 and e46 rear carrier bushing

Rear Poly Carrier Shifter Bushing for e46 and e36

Let’s for a moment talk about we like e36 and e46 in the first place. It feels good to drive them. The feel solid and comfortable, the ride is predictable when driving at the limit. You can manage driving fast pleasurably. There’s a classic Motor Week video from 1998 where Richard Hammond explains why the E46 is the perfect car. But it get even nittier and grittier.

The tiny qualitative details for for a car this old just make the car feel good. And why do we all like manuals? Because it feels good to shift. Unless of course you have old ratty rear carrier piece holding your shifter.

It is shameful, that’s right shameful, to have a piece of engineering that feels as sappy as a mechanical watch be ruined by a sloppy rough shifter.

e46 Rear Poly Carrier Shifter Bushing e36 Rear Poly Carrier Shifter Bushing e31 Rear Poly Carrier Shifter Bushing e90 Rear Poly Carrier Shifter Bushing e92 Rear Poly Carrier Shifter Bushing
E36 and E46 Rear Poly Carrier Shifter Bushing placement.

Enter garagistic. And we’re here for you e46 and e36 guys with our rear carrier pieces and carrier shiftier bushings. Made of 80a poly, lubricated to make the action smooth – giving that satisfying feel to all our e46 and e36 enthusiasts.

e21 polyurethane front control arm bushings

Being the first official 3 series the e21 is is getting up there in years. This car taught our dads what handling mean but now your average Honda accord probably drives better. This is partially because of the years of cracking and abuse the suspensions bushings take. We’ve seen e21 suspension bushings that are virtually non existent after years of wear.

This not only makes for a lame and sloppy ride but safety becomes an issue as well. replace the worn e21 outer control arm bushing with our polyurethane e bushings. They’re going to last for as long as you have your e21, and this piece is even of a higher caliber than the OEM part. This part is available at the garagistic store.



We have three different levels of rigidity to select from. We carry a 80a poly, a 95a poly, and a delrin bushing. The 80a OCAB bushings are used for an OEM + feel. This means you’d like a subtle upgrade  for a street car without a serious compromise in comfort, designated f or street enthusiasts. The 95a is great for dual purpose aggressive street and track applications providing a happy medium for those taking their daily driver to the track. Finally we have the delrin bushing which we suggest strictly for racing applications.

While most manufacturers outsource their work all of our e21 bushings are made in the U.S.A. for quality assurance. Please beware of low quality bushings that may have air pockets in the material which leads to premature bushing failure.

Please note: garagistic e21 polyurethane front control arm bushings replace OEM part 31121123037, and will only fit 1978 – 1983 models. As with all of our poly bushings the e21 polyurethane front control arm bushings come with a our lifetime warranty. Available at the garagistic store.